Audio notification

It would be interesting to be able to receive a notification when the user is logged in and receive a notification audio. I use some sales gateway that has this feature.

Approved Sale - plays a specific notification audio
Declined Purchase - plays a specific audio for declined purchase

And other events too.

I say this because I am building a sales recovery platform and it is very motivating to hear personalized audio when a notification is received. (Example of sound effect:

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Hey @mequelussi! That is a neat idea. We offer a javascript onNewNotification callback that you can use to achieve this. All you need is to load up the sounds on your page and then invoke them using Javascript when the right notification comes along.


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I understood the logic, it makes sense.
You can put a practical example for me to adapt.
As I work with “nocode” development, I don’t have much programming knowledge.

Sure thing. Here you go! - Browser JS