What are you building?

Hey Everyone!

We’d love to know what you are building and how you are using MagicBell.

Let me start - I am the founder and CEO of MagicBell and I started MagicBell to power the notifications at SupportBee, a shared inbox for collaborative teams. When we started showing it around, it was pretty obvious that this was a pretty big need and we spun out to start a new company.

I also want to use MagicBell to power notifications for some side projects, including a chrome extension for improving Hacker News

Your turn. What are you building?


I am developing a Sales Recovery platform and I need to notify users about new events. MagicBell arrived on time.

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Hey @unamashana,

Awesome product. I have been using MagicBell on CodeScreen (a developer assessment platform).

We use it to notify users when candidates have passed/failed their CodeScreen tests.

I was up and running in production with a few hours of signing up, and the MagicBell inbox has the same look and feel of our own UI, making the process of receiving/viewing notifications a seamless experience for the user.

A great product by a great team! :slight_smile:

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We (WayLit) are building an immigration process workflow platform that serves as single source of truth for HR, managers, employees, and attorneys. We plan to use MagicBell to notify users of tasks, status, and communication within the platform.

@satya Welcome! WayLit looks great. How long have you been working on it already?

About a year. My first time building web-apps. So it’s been a learning curve.

I am a co-founder of peerplans.com, a project planning platform inspired by social media (still in alpha!)

We are a small and ambitious crew, with the goal of leveraging as many FaaS platforms as possible in order to deliver on the highest possible platform excellence with the lowest possible bootstrap cost.

MagicBell came at a perfect time, and I am excited to be able to offload what would amount to a sizable portion of our backend into a dedicated external service. The more that I can focus on our business logic the better.

@satya The first few years of getting into web development are challenging but also the most fun!

@askrzypczak Welcome! would love an invite to your service when you are ready. Always exciting to see new approaches to old problems.